Successful job placement within 1 month!

As an ambitious student, Mia arrived to Melbourne from China in order to pursue her higher studies at Victoria University. After completing all her tertiary courses, she focused on starting her career as a teacher for students in primary schools.

Despite landing multiple jobs, Mia was not quite able to find her ideal role which was to work as an Early Childhood Educator and get her 491 Skilled Work Regional visa for both her partner and herself. After hearing about Australia Migration Services from a friend, she decided to visit the head office in Melbourne and sit down with a senior migration consultant who evaluated all possibilities in settling in Australia and planned out a pathway for PR. The senior consultant also directed Mia to seek assistance from the AABD Recruitment team that specialised in employment matters and had spent over a decade in helping migrants find work in regional Australia.

After signing up with AMS in mid – January, Mia handed her resume in to our team of experienced recruitment consultants. Within a few weeks, multiple interview opportunities arose and Mia’s job search was already going uphill. Facing interviews is a major challenge everyone faces – especially migrants that are new to the local Australian system – however thanks to the skilled team of recruitment specialists, Mia was fully trained through a series on interview training sessions and full of confidence prior to heading to her second interview, in mid – February.

As expected, the interview went well and Mia was hired on the spot! After sorting out a few other procedures, Mia was able to obtain her offer letter and lodge her 491 visa under the AMS visa team. Looking back now, Mia says that she is extremely fortunate to have had the assistance of AMS – especially prior to COVID-19. She can now work remotely and not worry about securing a role as an ECT or her visa as both of her concerns were taken and delivered by the team here at Australia Migration Services.

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