Struggling to settle your employee’s visa situation?

During this year, we have faced a chain of unprecedented events that has left a trail of adversity for many. Despite the ongoing crisis, states such as Western Australia are returning back to normal, while the state of Victoria will be in lockdown by midnight today. How will this affect your hiring process?Regardless of which state in Australia you may reside, the national travel ban remains in place for non-permanent residents and citizens, with international travel being extremely difficult due to the scarcity of flights, and difficulty in obtaining travel permissions both in and out of the country. For many of our employers, this restricts the number of potential candidates being able to enter Australia and fill in vacancies that are still in demand. 

Despite the ongoing pandemic, numerous regional businesses have approached AABD and expressed their willingness to resume hiring. Our experienced team of recruitment consultants can help you find suitable and reliable staff. – with service fees starting from only $0. We have workers across a range of fields including trades, hospitality, engineering, accounting and mnay more. Most of our work has taken place in regional Australia, and the gradual easing of restrictions has once again caused many employers to rehire workers.   

Does your migrant worker need help?

You might already have found yourself an overseas candidate that might be a good fit for you, but how do you go from there?

Individuals with compelling or compassionate reasons may apply for a waiver of the restrictions, but applications for exemptions will be considered on a per-case basis. Compelling or compassionate reasons can include essential work travel.Through the help of our visa team, AABD has been successful in obtaining travel exemptions for our candidates who in turn enable businesses to continue their operations which are critical to the economy, and to the recovery of Australia.We advice you to speak to one of our MARA registered migration consultants who will provide you with a clear, step-by-step analogy of pathways to sponsor your ideal candidate.

AABD is operating as per usual during this period. If you have queries relating to the above, or need urgent assistance, please call us on 03 9092 1688 or email us at