Renaissance for regional businesses

Australia might be going through a recession, but that has not fully stopped many ambitious,determined companies and business owners. Many employers, particularly from regional Australia, have resumed operating their businesses as well as rehiring candidates. Few months ago this was not possible but as things are taking a steady turn, companies that had paused their hiring process have expressed their interest in finding skilled workers. 
Many regional employers have reached out to AABD Recruitment and emphasized their willingness to hire skilled migrant workers who can add immense value to their organisations. 

Despite the lockdown, many industries are hiring workers to meet unprecedented demands. According to Kendra Banks, the managing director of Seek Australia, there is an increasing demand for nurses, aged care workers and social workers. Industries that were monumentally impacted, such as the hospitality sector, have also started rehiring – particularly for roles such as cooks and chefs- that are needed to cater for an unexpected number of customers. With people increasingly confined to their homes, and cafes and restaurants only allowed to operate take-away services, the demand for home food delivery is at an all-time high. 

Migrant workers have been an essential part of the Australian economy. For many years Australian farms have relied on backpackers and guest workers for the hard physical labour of picking fruit and other harvest jobs.

Government’s support to local businesses

Among Australia’s two million small businesses, many in Victoria are battling to recover from the triple impacts of drought, fire and COVID-19. As part of a $1.7 billion economic survival and jobs package, the Victorian government is also offering full payroll tax refunds for this financial year for businesses with a payroll between $650,000 and less than $3 million. Many other state governments too have provided various financial assistance to companies in need.

Our history with local businesses

AABD has noticed an increased response from many employers and small business owners that are seeking more staff members. Many businesses that were looking to hire but had to shut down or reduce staff are now starting to rehire. Here at AABD, our experienced team of recruitment consultants can help you find your ideal employee. If you are looking to hire skilled healthcare workers or any other professional workers, we can assist you with zero service fees

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