AABD’s fight amid COVID-19

What makes AABD so unique is that it has helped a large number of migrant workers across the globe find employment, with sponsorship that has resulted in many of them being able to obtain permanent residency. Countless visas, such as the 187 (RSMS), 186, 190 had been granted, including temporary visas like the 482 visa which has acted as a stepping stone toward PR. Recent popular visas include the 491 and 494 visas, which were established November, last year.

Despite AABD’s success, especially in the regional circuit, the team has faced its fair share of adversity and has countless challenges over the past decade – most recently the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Various economic and sociocultural factors have helped reshape the structure and complexion of AABD. These very factors have produced an even more innovative and productive team of experienced and skilled recruitment consultants who have helped countless migrants find jobs and settle in Australia.

Why should you consider using our service?

Finding a job in this day and age can be a very time consuming and emotionally draining process. Each year thousands of graduates from Universities and other educational/training facilities around Australia flood the local job market across every industry including hospitality, engineering, trades, accounting, healthcare and many more. Among these thousands, very few get the opportunity to set their foot in the door of their dream company or job. Without a doubt, migrants face the greatest challenge as they will be competing with these local talents. The rate of unemployment among non-English speaking migrants is double the average. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in three migrants who are in employment found it tough to land their first job. This social disparity exists due to several reasons such as the lack of relevant skills or experience. Language problems and difference in work culture can also act as barriers. Most eventually overcome these initial struggles and settle in, but it can a frustrating journey.

It is for such reasons that AABD has implemented a three stage employment process, covering each and every aspect of employment. Using a professional recruitment service like AABD provides an opportunity to assess your gaps in knowledge and skills.  Depending on the industry you’re part of, it’s worth assessing your gaps in knowledge and skills to help retain your credentials as a professional. Our team of experienced consultants can help boost the credibility of your resume and help you set foot in the door of whichever field you want to pursue. Furthermore, interview training and other employment related workshops will be provided specifically for each and every individual client, providing them with adequate information pertaining to the role they are applying for. Preparation is another key in helping you stand out from competition and you could potentially gain the interest of employers once you’ve highlighted your excellent qualities as an employee. For this purpose, AABD provides further employment evaluation where every detail, starting from your very first job till your most recent one, will be extracted and evaluated. You might have hidden skills that could be quite handy for certain aspects of a role an employer is looking to hire. There have been many instances, where past AABD clients have been able to land jobs with skills they themselves didn’t believe would be important. Even though job prospects seem bleak during this unprecedented time, we encourage our clients to consider other career options that they may not have looked into before. Even though most companies might have paused hiring, it does not necessarily mean that they aren’t interested in finding new recruits. AABD is always open to both employers and jobseekers and even amid a global pandemic, we are still looking for workers and continuing to place clients for employers- particularly in regional Australia.