Why you should keep searching for jobs

With the economic impacts of COVID-19 being felt all over the globe, looking for a job might seem like a near impossible task. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 1 million Australian workers have already lost their jobs while many more are on the brink of losing their careers. Meanwhile, the reserve bank has predicted that the economy will take a 10% dip. Among the jobless, those aged between 20 – 29 and over 70 were the worst affected.

If you are looking for a job and worried about job security circumstances, you might be wondering whether it’s possible to find a job during this economic crisis. While the current events have caused uncertainty when it comes to the economy and job market,it’s worth considering what companies are looking to hire right now. Some common questions job seekers might be asking might be:

  1. What industries are looking to hire?
  2. Should I complete an online qualification to help increase my job prospects?
  3. Is there less competition within the job market?
  4. I’m worried about starting a new job during a pandemic. How will training work if my position can be done remotely?

If any of these questions resonate with you, it might be a good idea to start looking for jobs through the help of a professional career service such as AABD Recruitment. Even though many companies have decided to pause recruitment due to budget constraints or the impact COVID-19 has had in their business,they may still consider you as a potential candidate for roles that they have advertised.

AABD Recruitment is always in touch with employers from all across Australia and is still operating during this unprecedented time. Despite the pandemic, there has been a resurgence of jobs for certain roles. Recruitment hasn’t stopped and many of our employers are still eager to proceed with hiring suitable candidates. The availability of applications such as Zoom and Skype only adds convenience. Migrant workers who are overseas are still likely to be selected by employers who have become more flexible when it comes to re-scheduling appointments with potentially good hires.

As listed in our success stories, numerous clients of AABD were able to find job opportunities (including sponsorship) during tough times they faced. In a way, many employers and job seekers, have struggled in finding the right worker/job and their adversity can even compare with the present day pandemic. In certain cases, there are employers that are motivated than ever to find the right candidate – even in this tough time. The global pandemic has only made it difficult to source the right candidate, as there are many skilled migrant workers who might want to migrate to Australia, but the fear of catching Corona virus might force them to stay in their countries. It is for this very reason that AABD has always kept its doors open for skilled migrants across the globe. We understand that many international workers possess a range of unique and diverse skills which can be very congruent to the Australian job market and bring value to employers seeking talented workers.