Alex’s incredible journey to PR!

Alex’s story began when he was living with his family in Taiwan, where he worked as a Mechanical  Engineer. Just like many parents, Alex and his wife, Fiona, wanted to provide their children with a better education and further opportunities for a secured future. Fiona was introduced to the idea of migrating to Australia by a migration agent during a study abroad exhibition who explained the vast opportunities and quality of life that was waiting to be discovered. After careful consideration, Fiona made the decision to migrate and flew to Melbourne, where her kids quickly adapted to the local schooling system as well as the intriguing Australian culture.

During a parents meeting at her kids’ school, Fiona realized that many others like her had already secured permanent residency or citizenship status and were starting to reap the numerous benefits it brought to their lives. She also realized that her husband’s professional background fully met the requirements of skilled migration, however, the only problem was the lack of employment that was available to Alex.  Fortunately, a friend took the initiative to  introduce Alex and Fiona to a vehicle dealership where they were told that Alex would get a full-time job with sponsorship. Because it was a friend’s recommendation, Fiona believed him and decided to proceed, only to find out later that the whole thing was a fraud and no such dealership existed.

Despite this setback, the couple were still hopeful and came across another opportunity, where this time a friend had suggested that migration was possible through investing in a business. It didn’t take them long to realise this too was scam.

After two unfortunate encounters, Alex traveled back to Taiwan to continue his work but didn’t give up hope. During his search for other possibilities, Alex found himself visiting a local migration agency which guaranteed the availability of jobs with sponsorship in Australia. The migration consultants at the local agency also recommended Alex to apply for the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) or the Skilled Nominated visa ( subclass 190) and shared numerous stories of successful past clients who had found employment and got their visas granted. After hearing this, Alex was convinced and trusted this so-called ”professional agency” due to his lack of understanding of the Australian immigration law. Convinced, Alex began preparing all the required documents for this visa but was shocked when he realized he had to pay a whopping six- figure sum in order to be sponsored.”My husband refused immediately”, Fiona recalls, ”We were already at a dead end. Taiwan’welfare system is very good and I could have simply stayed there.” Fiona also requested some of her friends from Taiwan to investigate this agency, in which all of them later discovered it was a fraud.

Things were not looking well for Alex. He had been cheated several times by many migration agencies and was getting close to the age limit for his proposed visa. Alex later flew to Melbourne and along with Fiona, visited an Australian Migration agency only to hear from an agent that Alex was too old to find a job.

It seemed as though all hope had been gone until one day, as the couple was browsing through the internet, a 4.8-star approval rating that belonged to a company called Australia Migration Services caught their eyes. Without the recommendation of any friends or media outlets, they decided to book in for a consultation. During the first consultation, the senior recruitment consultant got a deep understanding of Alex’s situation and raised the possibility of finding an employer and lodging an employer-sponsored visa, ensuring they were absolutely real and reliable. After repeated consideration, Alex decided to sign up with the AABD employment placement programme as it was his last and possibly only opportunity in finding work.  After Alex’s sign-up, few opportunities presented itself, but due to work commitments in Taiwan, they had to be rejected. As time passed, job opportunities started narrowing until there was almost none available and Fiona was already facing a lot of stress which made her frequently visit Australia Migration Services. Despite the communication barrier, mandarin speaking staff members at AMS greatly assisted her ,but still, this didn’t help clarify whether Alex would find work.

On the 21st of June 2019, Fiona received a message from the AABD recruitment assistant that a potential employer wanted to interview Alex. Despite the good news, Fiona was quite skeptical as she had been in similar situations and didn’t see how this would be any different. Fiona recalls, ”the recruitment assistant was very active and encouraged Alex to take the opportunity by visiting the employer”. After securing an interview, Alex flew to Melbourne but was hesitant to take the trial and was reconsidering his decision. The couple came to AMS one last time for interview training with the AABD recruitment assistant. Fiona mentioned,” I don’t understand what the recruitment assistant wrote down during interview training, but the notebook was filled. I had already helped my husband with interview training beforehand. I told him how to read it and how to answer each question. We had a full three hours of interview training.” Furthermore Fiona went on to say,” To be honest, I was very touched. Without his training, my husband would not be full of confidence during the interview with the employer.” 

With full of confidence after his interview training, Alex attended the engineering company and undertook his final round interview. Many days passed but finally Alex received news that he had been successful.  Fiona went on to mention that the recruitment assistant was very concerned and repeatedly confirmed the dates and other requirements. The visa application was lodged in August and by the time it was lodged, Alex was only 2 days away from turning 45 – his age limit for his RSMS (187 visa). On the 1st of November 2019,  Alex and his family were granted permanent residency. Their dream had been fulfilled!

Throughout this whole process, the employer was the major piece of the puzzle that Fiona lacked. Fiona went on to say,” A major piece of the puzzle that could not be found anywhere, Australia or Taiwan, was found by Australia Migration Services. She also went on to say,” I hope that AMS will get better and better in the future. I hope everyone can think of AMS as a notable migration brand. Thanks to the AMS recruitment and visa team, I feel that Australia Migration Services is the only migration service agency that can be trusted.”

Skilled migration has had an overhaul since the 16th of November 2019. The new  Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa (491) and the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (494) visas are the future pathways. Both visas require migrants to pursue employment in regional Australia. Australia Migration Services has been committed to employment for migrants for the past decade and is committed in doing so for the many years to come.